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Personal Training, Lifestyle & Weight Loss Coaching from Eclectic Fitness


Initially, I meet with you to understand your goals and work with you to create a customized fitness plan that meets your fitness and nutritional needs.


During the first couple of weeks, a fitness and nutrition analysis will be performed during your sessions to establish a baseline to help us design a customize program for you.  The analysis includes body composition, flexibility, muscle strength, muscle endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, and diet.


I take pride in mixing up each session to create fun and challenging workouts that keep your body and mind from hitting a plateau, so you excel to reach your goal and beyond your limits.  This method of training is very dynamic, with compound and complex moves.


Periodic fitness analysis every 6 - 8 weeks to ensure goals are being achieved.


Private sessions allow my focus to be on you, monitor your progression, and make changes to your program as needed to reach your fitness goals.  $60-70 per hour based on the number of sessions per week. $35-40 per 1/2 hour based on the number of session per week.

In-Home training $100 per hour.


Group sessions are 2-5 people. If you have a spouse, friend or co-worker whom you choose to split the cost with, I train you together. This training is similar to that of a boot camp experience with a fun, motivating, and energetic way for you and your friend to encourage each other to fitness.  $30-45 per person per hour, $20-30 per person per 1/2 hour.


Boot camp or Corporate fitness session: A group of 6-20 people. Excellent way to increase energy & productivity, get healthy and have fun with co-workers or friends.   $15.00 per person per hour.


As a personal trainer and health coach I can help you push through the barriers and find out what is holding you back from reaching your physical and weight loss goals. I am committed to helping you understand how nutrition and food can work for you as well as gaining confidence and support in your new body.

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