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Why Eclectic Fitness is for you...


We value our clients and their physical needs.  Over the years through Jon’s guidance, many clients have had numerous success in weight loss, increased physical fitness and the ability to functionally move for any activity or sport. Here’s what they have to say about Eclectic Fitness:


I was experiencing the mid-30′s weight gain, so I asked Jon to help me to get back to shape. I lost 35pounds and haven’t been in this good of shape since I was rowing crew in college. Working with Jon was never dull, as he was always switching up the the workouts. He utilized the workout equipment I had in my home to whip me into to shape. I appreciate Jon’s flexability when h it came to scheduling our training sessions together, and I learned a lot from him about nutrition and fitness. – Ann B.


If you are considering hiring a personal trainer, DO IT! Jon Sherman is an outstanding choice. He is a skilled, knowledgeable and professional trainer that I heartily and absolutely recommend. You’ll benefit greatly from working with Jon! Jon has been my trainer for 8+ years. My fitness level, which truly was soft, out-of-breath, “coach-potato’ at the start, has risen to ” warrior obstacle run”, bicycling, and “keep-up-with-the-kids” fitness diehard-all possible due to Jon’s tireless encouragement, consistency, skillful training technique, and ability to help me succeed in my fitness goals! Personal fitness and training is a journey….sometimes easy, sometimes hard, always worth it! For me, having a trainer who understands how to work through life’s obstacles of job stress, busy family, and professional schedules, and just too little available time has been a difference maker in my life- it will be in yours too! I give Jon my highest recommendation….and wish to thank him for the years of encouragement and guidance in improving my personal fitness and enjoyment of athletic pursuits! Now DO IT! – Jeff C.


Jon has been my personal trainer for over three years. He has helped me work past some injuries to stay fit. Training is difficult but Jon switches it up each week and makes it enjoyable. Thanks Jon, you’re the best! – Sally K. , IT Network/President


As a long time client of Jon Sherman, I would recommend Jon to anyone who is interested in needing a personal trainer, which everyone does. Specially , he has knowledge, experience, education, and certifications required. But he also has a love of fitness and a strong willingness to help others, including me, and a way of motivating someone to reach their fitness and health goals which is second to none. – Chaz H., Boeing Engineer/Identity theft consultant


Jon’s personal training style was very effective for me and my time constraints. He came to my home and helped me set up an in home workout area at an reasonable cost. He is creative with different strategies to keep the workout interesting and I head great results. – Janet H., Owner at Windermere Real Estate/Wall St. Inc.

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